Spring has Sprung

This is our first season at Oak View cottage and the garden remains a complete surprise, as we have no idea what has been planted in this pretty cottage garden.  Each season will be a changing landscape for us and we are already experiencing the delights of Spring.  Spring has definitely sprung, the garden is already changing and new plant life is emerging every week, wild strawberries cover the ground so guests staying at the cottage in the summer months will be able to help themselves to wild strawberries.   We have also just discovered a gooseberry bush, the fruit will be ripe for our July guests to sample, an acquired taste, but worth a try.  We have also noticed that our lovely bush growing up the side of the cottage has come into bloom with the prettiest yellow flowers, in addition, a sea of lily of the valley waits to greet you by the entrance gate.  Spring is definitely a time to visit the cottage if you enjoy an array of blooms on display. The garden is a haven for the local bird life, they become very vocal when we enter their garden, it’s lovely to sit and watch the variety of birds that visit the garden.  We are looking forward to seeing what delights the garden will display during the summer months.